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Superworld is an international planning organization, crafting the world of tomorrow. We operate within, in between and beyond the fields of architectural design, urban strategies and emerging technologies.


We are dedicated to creating a better built environment, for the people inhabiting it and the natural systems surrounding it. Experienced in envisioning meaningful and remarkable projects, we develop local solutions today for the global challenges we will face as a human family tomorrow.

Our methodology is based on our fundamental believe in the value of collaboration, data-driven design and cross-disciplinary thinking. This enables us to foster unexpected potentials in our projects, which stay hidden within conventional planning processes. Operating both as strategic planners and consultants, we are experts in strengthening the synergies between design, policies, communities, and systemic perspectives.

Superworld is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from where we are working on projects all around the globe. We regularly expand our expertise with specialists from adjacent fields such as entrepreneurship, social sciences, economics and mobility, enabling us to provide integrative and innovative solutions for projects in every environment.

We gladly invite you to join us on our mission of creating a better world. A world of inclusivity and equality, in which everybody have chance to inhabit the highest standards of cities and buildings. A world of sustainability and responsibility, in which construction protects our planet and its fragile biosphere.


Maxime Cunin, Thomas Krall, Kevin Westerweld, Magdalena Mroz, Geoffrey Eberle, Elya Kozak, Halina Zarate, Luiz Garcia, Nick Huizenga, Blanka Omari, Lars Kloeg, Kaspar Dettinger, Quentin Rihoux


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